DEXON Capital & Lab

DEXON Capital & Lab focuses on the growth and expansion of the DEXON ecosystem, empowering enterprises to manifest business-supporting blockchain applications.

Our Mission

DEXON Capital & Lab makes strategic investments in blockchain-focused businesses, including but not limited to projects in industries such as gaming, e-commerce, consumer technology, and P2P finance. At the same time, we leverage DEXON Foundation’s capacity for blockchain development and provide distributed ledger technology (DLT) solutions. We aim to achieve sustainable utilization of the DEXON ecosystem by supporting innovative entrepreneurs/businesses, and building a blockchain enabled future together.

About DEXON Capital & Lab

Blockchain is a shared, transparent and secure network, which is owned and operated by the general public. DEXON, which is built and maintained by DEXON Foundation and the community, is overcoming the bottleneck of current blockchain systems, enabling a faster and more scalable DLT.

Under the vision of empowering blockchain applications, the goal of DEXON Capital is seeking partners with potential and passion to build DLT innovations with DEXON Capital & Lab. DEXON Capital & Lab is managed by a professional team and we offer the following resources:


  • Identify, evaluate and invest in projects using or supporting DEXON’s network.
  • Incubate the selected projects with strategic technology and marketing consultancy.
  • Offer extensive network connections covering the Bay Area, Southeast Asia, China, and Taiwan.

Blockchain As A Service (BaaS)

  • Implement DLT in existing centralized data systems with DEXON’s network.
  • Assist with blockchain application and scenario research.
  • Smart contract audit.