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Industry Experts will play a pivotal role in DEXON’s development in the form of helping DEXON explore and acquire DLT applications around the world.

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Industry Experts will be expected to provide insight into targeted industries and leverage their influence and connections to build relationships with potential projects on behalf of DEXON Capital & Lab.


DEXON Capital & Lab would offer the following resources to support our Industry Experts:

  • Commission based rewards in DXN.
  • Gas fee compensation for clients.
  • DEXON & blockchain specific knowledge and training sessions.

Industry Expert

DEXON Capital & Lab’s Industry Expert will be expected to be

  • Individuals passionate about blockchain, DLT applications and DEXON.
  • Individuals with connections & networks in DEXON’s targeted industries, including but not limited to finance, IoT or gaming applications.

Partner with us

Apply to become DEXON Capital & Lab’s Industry Expert!
If you are interested in the role, please contact us via
Please provide the following information in the application email:

  • A brief self-introduction about 200 - 500 words (including your location/s).
  • Leads & companies you are able to bridge DEXON with.
  • LinkedIn or any portfolios with your professional experience.